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<LUSTRUM> "The den or lair of a wild beast"

MISSION: "To bring enjoyment and competitive progression to Raiding and Rated Battle Grounds."


  • There is a large populous of Spanish and Portuguese players on the Horde side, we aim to provide a place for English speaking, mature and knowledgeable players to raid with us.
  • We openly invite members to the guild that are active PvP players, even if they don’t raid!

    • Players who spend a lot of time in the cutting edge of Arenas Teams.
    • Players who have a lot of experience in Pre Made Battle Grounds and Rated PvP.
  • We want to raid 3-4 times per week and progress through all content, whilst it is current and then expand into Heroic modes, we don't wish to limit ourself to only raiding on the ten man platform, we are strongly considering expanding into 25 mans, so with regards to that we have another 6 healer spots open atm and 12 DPS.
  • Raids can be termed as both PvE and PvP, however both will be session based. Roughly around 4 hours, with PvP predominantly occurring during the daytime and/or over weekends. This is an encouraged 12 hours per week of group play (or team work for dirty minded individuals).


  • We admit that we can't mind-control all of our members, we expect members to have a certain amount of 'Resilience' and open mindedness.
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